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Along with our shared shuttles, we offer private transfers from and to anywhere in Nicaragua. A private transfer provides the flexibility that a shared shuttle does not have: you ride at the time of your choice and have the vehicle for yourself.

Paxeos have a very competitive pricing policy based on distance, conditions of the road and type of vehicle. Providing peace of mind is our drive, and we have accomplished this for more than six years of continued operations.

Since there are too many destinations in Nicaragua advertising all our prices is not possible, but we will show the prices to the most popular destinations (from Granada and Managua). Please inquire about the prices you do not see here:

1.- Sedan (up to 3 passengers)

DestinationFrom/to GranadaFrom/to Managua
San Juan del Sur US$60 US$80
Leon US$85 US$70
Matagalpa US$110 US$90
Rivas o San Jorge US$50 US$70
Estelí US$120 US $100
Chinandega US$100 US$90
Barcelo Montelimar Beach US $85 US $75
Peñas Blancas (Costa Rica border) US$70 US$100
Las Peñitas / Poneloya
US $95 US $85
Classic Tour (Masaya Volcano and Market, Catarina, and San Juan de Oriente) Tour guide not included. 4 hours. US$60 US$70
Masaya/Nindirí US$15 US$30
Managua US$40 N/A
Granada N/A US$40
Managua City Tour (3 hours). Tour guide not included. US$45 US$75

2. - SUV (up to 5 passengers): Please email us asking for a quote.

3. - 15 passenger Vans: Please email us for a quote.

4. - 28 passenger buses: Please email us for a quote.